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Jack Lane

Our benefactor, Jack Lane, left the bulk of his estate for Charitable causes in the area he had known and loved - south Gloucestershire and north Wiltshire.

Born in Somerset, Jack bought Larkhill Farm near Tetbury in the early 1950s with his wife Hilda. Martin Wright, who is a Trustee, got to know Jack through his work with the National Farmers' Union. He describes him as being 'salt of the earth' and someone well-known in local farming circles and regularly seen at nearby livestock markets. A typical farmer, Jack never took holidays and rarely travelled far from his home. He lived for farming and loved anything to do with it.

In l997 Hilda died and, having no children or close relatives, Jack decided to retire. When he sold the farm he was suddenly a very rich man but he chose to live modestly in a bungalow in Tetbury.

The proceeds from the sale of his farm have been invested and now generate around £50,000 a year in interest which is distributed to causes in south Gloucestershire and north Wiltshire by the Trustees of the Jack Lane Charitable Trust.

The Trustees pay tribute to Jack for his great generosity.